Environmental problems

All current environmental issues are related to the increasing population in Malta

Malta shows positive trends in the environmental sector, but the problems it faces today and in the near future are associated with rapid population growth, according to the State of the Environment report. Recently tabled in Parliament, the report was written by the Environment and Resources Authority and covers seven years of data. At a […]

Environmental science

Degrees explained: Environmental Sciences – Study International

In 2015, then US President Barack Obama declared that “no challenge poses a greater threat to our future and future generations than climate change.” The threat is real and urgent action is needed. Reports show the devastating consequences that can stem from the erratic weather patterns we increasingly experience, from crop deaths to massive displacement […]

Environmental problems

Market solutions to environmental problems

Humanity faces an uncertain future as we decide how to respond to the myriad environmental problems we face. Climate change, plastic pollution, resource exploitation and a host of other such challenges threaten our society and the well-being of other life forms sharing this planet. Effective strategies exist to address these concerns, and some scientists say […]