Environmental issues

Protest at Lawrence T Gay Memorial Primary on environmental issues

Parents of students at Lawrence T Gay Memorial Elementary School have staged another protest as they desperately cry out for the attention of education and health officials over what they describe as serious environmental issues at the site. Standing outside the school factory this morning, holding signs with strong messages, the parents, some of whom […]

Environmental factors

Environmental factors affect the distribution of Iberian spiders

Newswise – Southern smallleaf oak forests are the habitats with a higher level of spider endemism in the Iberian Peninsula, according to an article in the newspaper Biodiversity and conservation. The study analyzes the factors that affect the biodiversity patterns of spider communities in the network of national parks of Spain and explains the role […]

Environmental issues

These Haryana Rice Straw Biomass Projects Could Solve Environmental Problems

The Haryana Electricity Regulatory Commission (HERC) set state level tariffs for three biomass power projects. The rates set by the Board are 4.93 (~ $ 0.07) / kWh, 4.92 (~ $ 0.06) / kWh and 4.47 (~ $ 0.05) / kWh. Background The Haryana Renewable Energy Development Agency (HAREDA) launched the Request for Proposal (RfP) […]

Environmental issues

Why strong governance benefits social and environmental issues

She said: “The evidence has shown us that strong governance can lead to better management of social and environmental issues. Companies with strong governance are likely to have lower cost of capital, better operating ratios, and ultimately less volatile stock prices. “ She added: “I was really interested in this survey… you could argue that […]