Environmental factors

Influence of environmental factors on the opening and development of stomata

Research shows that stomata, the microscopic pores surrounded by a pair of guard cells on the surface of leaves and stems, play a critical role in regulating gas exchange between a plant and the surrounding atmosphere. The development and opening of the stomata are strongly influenced by environmental conditions, both short and long term. The […]

Environmental issues

University of West Virginia Experts Look at Environmental Problems Leading to Belle Chemical Plant Explosion, Discuss Chemicals Exposed to Air | VM News

MORGANTOWN, Va. (WV News) – Tuesday night’s chemical plant explosion at Optima Chemical’s facilities at the Chemours Co. site in Belle killed one plant worker and injured three. John Gillenwater, 42, of Hurricane, was killed in the blast. “The family is devastated by the loss of their husband, father and friend John Gillenwater,” a statement […]

Environmental issues

Environmental problems in agriculture, a silent reason behind farmers’ protests

In September, the Indian government unveiled new agricultural laws which Prime Minister Narendra Modi hailed as the biggest reforms in the sector in decades. But farmers are unhappy and since September they have been protesting against this by saying that the new laws do not promise minimum support prices for their crops – which current […]