Environmental factors

Environmental factors, species influence lungworm infection in snails

Giant African snails, Heʻeia, O’ahu; nearly 30% infected in the recent study. (Photo credit: Randi Rollins) Different species of snails in Hawaii harbor varying amounts of infectious rat lungworm, the nematode (roundworm) known scientifically as Angiostrongylus cantonensis, which causes lungworm disease in rats. A recent study, conducted by a university of Hawaii to the graduate […]

Environmental science

Bayer to sell its Environmental Science Professional business

Bayer announced on February 24 its intention to divest the company’s Environmental Science Professional (ES) business as part of “plans to accelerate the implementation of its Crop Science division’s strategy”. Some of the products Bayer is known for in the lawn and landscaping market are Specticle, Celsius, Topchoice, Merit, and Tribute Total. After the company […]

Environmental problems

Environmental problems persist at KY’s bankrupt coal mines

Johns Creek, near McCoy Elkhorn Coal, outside Kimper, Ky. On Thursday, September 17, 2020. Many companies that have purchased coal mines from bankrupt Kentucky producers still have repeated violations of environment and fines, some as recently as December. 2020, which prevents them from moving forward with any use of the land. Silas walker Lexington Herald-Leader […]

Environmental factors

Artificial vasculature and micro-environmental factors supporting tissue engineering and organoids – current market size and future demand for 3D printing and tissue engineering products

Summary: Tissue engineering is a biomedical field that focuses on the development and production of synthetic structures designed to replace diseased or lost living tissues and organs in the human body. These structures are created by seeding cells and other biological entities into biodegradable or removable three-dimensional media. As the number of older people increases […]

Environmental factors

Study suggests that environmental factors played a role in the evolution of human tolerance and friendliness – ScienceDaily

Environmental pressures may have led humans to become more tolerant and friendly of each other, as the need to share food and raw materials has become mutually beneficial, a new study suggests. This behavior was not an inevitable natural progression, but subjected to ecological pressures, concludes the study of the University of York. Humans have […]

Environmental factors

Study suggests that environmental factors played a role in the evolution of human tolerance

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