Environmental issues

Local and regional artists tackle environmental issues in vivid and creative ways at Expo 2020 sustainability pavilion

The four artists and the five works are: Zeinab Alhashemi (UAE) – Takween Mohammed Ahmed Ibrahim (UAE) – Cuddles Mohammed Kazem (UAE) – Itinerary (Expo 2020) and Measure Ayman Zedani (Saudi Arabia) – Terrapolis Zeinab Alhashemi’s work explores the hidden connections and geometry found in nature as a universal language. Takween examines how the responsibility […]

Environmental science

Career in environmental science

Human beings, considered the most intelligent of God’s creations, have done the worst damage to nature and its harmony. Stratospheric ozone depletion, destruction of mangroves, acid rain, loss of biodiversity and tropical deforestation have all come to a point where they seem either irreversible or too expensive to mitigate. The negative consequences are there for […]