Environmental issues

Environmental issues are affecting the rapidly developing pesticide market

The global pesticide market is constantly expanding, but the use of modern, vertebrate-safe pesticides is now harming pollinating insects. As cultivated areas continue to increase worldwide, thus increasing the potential use of pesticides, the market may still encounter environmental constraints in the future. Trends and key information According to IndexBox estimates, the global pesticide market […]

Environmental factors

Dr. Stephanie Lovinsky-Desir discusses her research on environmental factors, exercise and respiratory health

Stephanie Lovinsky-Desir, MD, MS, describes her research on the impact of environmental factors on the respiratory health of children. We know that exposure to air pollution can lead to the development of asthma as well as asthma exacerbations, said Stephanie Lovinsky-Desir, MD, MS, pediatric pulmonologist at Columbia University Medical Center and new director of this. […]

Environmental problems

General Iron shutdown is just the start of solving environmental issues on the Southeast side

We agree with the Sun-Times’ recent editorial on General Iron that something needs to be changed so that future decisions regarding pollution and environmental justice can be made more quickly and with the residents affected in mind. As the editorial noted, the proposed relocation of the General Iron recycling facility from Lincoln Park, a predominantly […]

Environmental problems

Climate change, environmental problems and pollution, growing uncertainty ”

Pakistan has suffered extreme environmental degradation due to urbanization, overpopulation and deforestation. According to the Pakistan Economic Survey 2013-14, the sprawling growth of cities, increasing population growth and poverty take a heavy toll on the environment. Through Muhammad Ibrahim Noon Reports claim that environmental degradation can lead to a loss of PKR 365 billion every […]