Environmental problems

Almost 20 lakes in Beltrami County infested with invasive species pose environmental problems

Since 2014, zebra mussels and tap snails, as well as the star plant, have been found throughout the county. The latest discovery, announced by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources on Friday, June 25, was multiple sclerosis in Pimushe Lake. The full list of infested water bodies in the county are as follows: Lake Andrusia, […]

Environmental factors

How environmental factors could supply a young brain – sciencedaily

A stimulating environment keeps the “hippocampus” – which is the brain’s memory control center – young, so to speak. The causes of this are molecular mechanisms that affect the regulation of genes. These current findings from studies in mice provide clues as to why an active and varied life can help maintain the mental health […]

Environmental problems

The environmental problems of hydrofracturing not only

image: Professor Tao Wen contributed to a study assessing groundwater contamination caused by oil and gas production. seen Following Credit: Syracuse University The production of crude oil and natural gas withdrawals in the United States has reduced the country’s dependence on foreign oil and provided financial assistance to American consumers, but has also raised long-standing […]

Environmental problems

Tomorrow was late: Nur-Sultan hosts book presentation on environmental issues

NUR-SULTAN – The Kazakh capital hosted the presentation of the book Tomorrow Was Late: Environmental Risks of Kazakhstan on June 17, bringing together, virtually and physically, representatives of government and international organizations to participate in the event. Book cover. The environment concerns us all. Kazakhstan was among the first countries in the post-Soviet space to […]

Environmental factors

Psychological and non-environmental factors are important

During pandemics, protective behaviors must be motivated by effective communication. A critical factor in understanding a population’s response to such a threat is the fear it elicits, as fear both helps motivate protective responses, but can also lead to panic behaviors. Additionally, lockdown measures affect well-being, making it important to identify protective factors that help […]

Environmental factors

Effect of environmental factors on the nanostructure of bioplastics

June 17, 2021 A biologist from RUDN University studied the aggressive effect of environmental factors, such as ozone, salts and water, on Ultrafine nanofibers of biopolymers. The RUDN University biologist studied the aggressive impact of environmental factors (water, salts and ozone) on ultrafine nanofibers of biopolymers. The results will help to choose the appropriate bioplastic […]

Environmental issues

Delaware County fuel leak causing environmental problems in nearby areas – CBS Philly

BROOKHAVEN, Pa. (CBS) – As crews work to clean up a massive fuel spill in Delaware County, it’s now causing environmental problems in other nearby areas. Chopper 3 was on the scene at Brookhaven. Investigators say a gas station spill is to blame, but the exact details are still unclear. READ MORE: SEPTA union unanimously […]

Environmental factors

How do environmental factors affect fetal development?

Associate Professor Ken Tachibana reveals how prenatal exposure to ambient fine particles disrupts DNA methylation and subsequent gene expression in fetal development Human and animal epidemiological studies indicate that nutrition and environmental stimuli during prenatal and postnatal mammalian development influence developmental pathways and thus induce permanent changes in metabolism and susceptibility to chronic disease. Nutritional […]