A scientist’s perspective on environmental issues, women’s capabilities

During Dr. Emilyn Espiritu’s presentation for the Department of Science and Technology-Gender and Development on “Women on the front lines of climate change”, she encourages young people to discover inspiring women scientists. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO

“BEING a woman is hard enough, and working in the environmental field presents a number of challenges.”

So said Dr. Emilyn Espiritu, Executive Director of the Ateneo Science and Engineering Research Institute during a presentation on “Women on the front lines of climate change” during the recent celebration of the Month of Women by the Department of Science and Technology – Gender and Development. (DoST-GAD) where Espiritu first gave an overview of the six challenges facing the environment: overpopulation, depletion of water resources, soil erosion, solid waste management, loss of biodiversity and atmospheric degradation.

Espiritu said people are witnessing a huge leap forward in industrial development, economic growth and population increase. Unfortunately, these developments came at a price.

One of the six challenges cited is the exponential increase in population which puts pressure on water resources, so scientists have proposed a very grim scenario that future wars will no longer be fought over territories or lands. lands. He will fight for access to clean drinking water.

“I thought to myself that there had to be a better way of doing things in order to preserve what is left of our resources and ensure a more sustainable future for everyone,” Espiritu said.

“The fact is that a science education is good education for a variety of professions, not just in the environmental field,” Espiritu said, encouraging the younger generation to learn more about female scientists, both local and abroad, who contributed on the ground.

She added that in addition to a background in science, it also takes luck, passion, perseverance and hard work to be successful in anything they plan to do.

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