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ClimateGenn Editor-in-Chief Nick Breeze (center) with Father Joshua Kureethadam and Natalia Baloghova,

Editor-in-chief Nick Breeze writes about his groundbreaking media project ClimateGenn.

Much of the mainstream media around the world is now in corporate hands, and messages are biased and distorted by political or self-serving leanings. Never has the need for independent journalism with a motive to serve the greater public interest been more necessary and worthy.

I created ClimateGenn as a freelance journalist after a decade of interviews with the world’s leading authorities in the field of climate change, from science to politics and business, as well as faith and activism.

The threat is not only real, it is now

The conclusions of the scientific community are that the predictions of climate change are not only certain, they are there. You no longer need a scientist to tell you that the large fires in Siberia that destroy vast areas of boreal forest and accelerate the thawing of permafrost are driven faster by climate change. You can just ask the people who live there.

In the tropics, millions of people are already suffering and hundreds of millions, if not billions, are at risk of losing their homes and even their lives. As a scientist living inside the Arctic Circle recently told me, we are entering a new world.

A future we want to live in must be imagined

At the start of living lockdown in London, I decided to start a podcast focused on interviews with many of the scientists and other experts I had met over the years in reporting on climate change.

The podcast was born out of a project I co-founded at Cambridge University called “The Cambridge Climate Lecture Series”. The series was launched in memory of the late Sir David Mackay, the former Chief Scientist in the UK Government.

The pandemic resulted in the cancellation of the live-action series. The podcast generated a lot more interest than I had imagined with scientists from NASA, New Zealand and even Vatican Ecology Chief Father Joshua Kureethadam joining me. to discuss what action is needed or planned to shape the future.

It was with great surprise that we noticed at the end of 2020 that we were ranked second by Feedspot on the list of global podcasts addressing the climate crisis.

Laudato Si, the mobilization of Pope Francis

Following the interview with Father Joshua, we had the good fortune to meet again in Rome when I visited in September 2021. Father Josh worked tirelessly on the implementation of “The Year of Laudato Si , An ascending cascade of climate action.

Father Josh is affectionately referred to as “The Green” by Pope Francis and has proven his worth by publishing his own book “The Green Commandments of Laudato Si”, a spiritual and theological guide to the encyclical.

Father Joshua speaks with passion of the momentum with which Christian communities around the world have seized the moment to act to protect the earth, which is of course God’s creation.

New year’s momentum

This process of discussion with experts in their respective fields gave momentum to the series and in early 2022 we have already scheduled interviews with leading contributors including Professor Katherine Hayhoe in Texas, Sir Tim Smit of the project. Eden and Dr Paul. Behrens in The Hague.

It is essential now that we all start to think about the impact that the climate crisis is going to have on our own lives and also on those who are most vulnerable. It was Charles Dickens who presented the belief that if one part of our society is sick, then the whole body of society is sick. It is essential that we come together to meet this challenge as a collective.

Triumph over adversity

An important fact is that we now know without a doubt that the climate crisis was caused by greed and consumption in developed countries and by the exploitation of those in poorer countries.

Research has shown that the richest 10% of the world’s population is responsible for 50% of global emissions. The richest 1% in the millionaire and billionaire classes is several times that amount.

A future together

The world needs fairness and justice like never before. We need peace and cooperation to be the main drivers of our motivation to create a better world. People will have to move because of climate change. This can happen in wealthy western countries as well as poorer southern countries of the world.

Above all, we need to speak openly about the world we want to live in and create our own visions of how we’re going to get there. This is what we do at ClimateGenn. You can find out more about or subscribe for free on Youtube or any major podcast platform like Apple or Spotify. Feedback from our audience is part of shaping the future process.


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