Council tackles environmental issues for series of discussions on status report | Culture & Society

Ammon news – The Economic and Social Council on Tuesday addressed the environmental aspect as part of the state of the country report, as part of a series of sessions to discuss the report with a group of experts from the public and public sectors. private.

After a briefing on the key points of the report, Environment Minister Muawieh Radaideh said the recommendations from the environmental angle of the state of the country report will be reviewed and addressed, adding that Jordan is working with the global system. relevant to moving towards a green economy, as the world struggles to address the challenges of climate change and its impact on the environment sector.

He stressed the importance of setting and meeting targets to help countries cope with environmental challenges, noting that the effects of climate change are becoming increasingly evident in the Middle East.

He stressed the importance of linking the environmental aspect with economic and societal aspects to achieve sustainable development, in addition to networking between the water, energy and food sectors to achieve food and environmental security.

The Secretary General of the Council Mitri Madanat underlined the importance of the green economy, vital for the preservation of biodiversity. The main challenges facing the environment sector, he noted, include climate change, increasing population growth and changing consumption patterns.

At the same time, Secretary General of the Ministry of Environment Muhammad Khashashna stressed the importance of the general framework law for waste management and efforts to restructure the environment sector, which includes organizations of the civil society, universities and government entities.

The Council’s financial policy coordinator, Ziad Dardakah, presented the main weaknesses and strengths of the environmental sector, such as the reduced budget of the Ministry of the Environment.

During the panel discussion, participants stressed the importance of infrastructure rehabilitation, focusing on the green economy, and cooperation between the public and private and environmental sectors to implement plans and strategies .

They also stressed the importance of raising awareness of the seriousness of environmental challenges and their repercussions, as well as developing a roadmap with stakeholder participation to reduce the risks facing the sector.

They stressed the need to shift to sustainable transport to reduce the effects of climate change and the optimal use of resources in several sectors, in addition to supporting scientific studies on reducing the carbon footprint to avoid the mismanagement of projects.

Over the next few weeks, the council will hold discussion sessions that will bring together experts and stakeholders from the sectors and fields of macroeconomics, infrastructure, human resources, community development (1) and community development (2), in particular. more to discuss policy development and public sector development.

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