Harry Potter fans can cause environmental problems in the UK; to understand

saga fan Harry Potter Dobby’s grave was built in the same location where the character was buried in the film. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 1,

The site was erected at Freshwater West Beach, located in Pembrokeshire, Wales, to honor the beloved house-elf.

However, it looks like the situation is getting a little out of control and could become an environmental problemSince, in addition to painted stones, fans also take socks,

In the saga, the elves are freed when they receive a garment from their master and thus Dobby gains his freedom – when Harry puts a sock in the book Lucius Malfoy accidentally gave him.

Due to the ramifications of the case, an investigation has been carried out by the National Trust, as reported by the Rolling Stone magazine website. National Foundation for Places of Historic Interest or Natural Beauty in the UK,

Dobby is freed in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (Reproduction)

Its purpose was to give people an answer as to whether Dobby’s “grave” should remain there or be moved elsewhere.

For Victoria McLean, the place must remain, because it is symbolic, however, some things may have changed, such as don’t drop the socks Even if they make sense.

He told the BBC:

“It’s nice to put on a new sock, but after a while” This sock is probably covered in all kinds of stuff, When it comes to Pebbles, some people have gone out of their way to embody some of them to pay homage to one of their favorite characters, and it’s really beautiful. ,

Victoria also said she believed that even if the local authorities decided it was time to move the grave, fans would find it. put elsewhere.

The organization responsible for the team also pointed out that the beach above now receives even more tourists and visitors than before, which creates the need to build infrastructure to be able to receive more people. East.

“A study is underway to help us better understand the issues and consider options for a sustainable future for the Freshwater West, including the Mausoleum. dobbyOne of the options we looked at in the research is to move the monument to a suitable location accessible to the public,” he said.

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