Influence of environmental factors on the opening and development of stomata


Research shows that stomata, the microscopic pores surrounded by a pair of guard cells on the surface of leaves and stems, play a critical role in regulating gas exchange between a plant and the surrounding atmosphere.

The development and opening of the stomata are strongly influenced by environmental conditions, both short and long term. The rapid pace of current climate change has affected stomatal responses, as a new balance between photosynthesis and water use efficiency must be found.

Understanding the mechanisms involved in the regulation and adjustment of stomata offers us new insights into the ability of stomata to process information and change over time.

In this review, a summary is provided on recent advances in research into the mechanisms underlying the interaction between environmental factors and the development and opening of stomata.

Particular emphasis is placed on environmental factors including light, CO2 concentration, ambient temperature and relative humidity, as these factors play an important role in understanding the impact of global climate change on the development of communities. plants.

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