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Updated: February 08, 2022 7:06 PM

Anna Oposa, Executive Director of Save Philippine Seas, will speak at the first BUEI Talks: Island SOS on February 26 (Photograph provided)

Environmental issues unique to islands will be featured in a series of lectures on marine science.

The problems of the islands and their particular difficulties will be discussed at the Bermuda Institute of Underwater Exploration BUEI Talks: Island SOSsponsored by insurance giant Chubb.

Karla Lacey, Managing Director of BUEI, said, “Bermuda’s ecosystem is integral to our identity as a country and we appreciate Chubb’s support in funding this informative and educational series.

“Through these discussions, we hope to learn more about the different techniques used by other island nations that could be beneficial in safeguarding our unique ecosystem, or potentially inspire a new method specific to Bermuda’s environment.”

The first Island SOS presentation at the end of the month will feature the Philippines and the more than seven thousand islands of its archipelago.

Anna Oposa, Executive Director of Save Philippine Seas, will speak about her organization’s plan to manage ocean waste and ensure environmental sustainability.

Islands like Sri Lanka and Hawaii, as well as several Caribbean islands, will also be featured in the series.

Samantha Froud, Executive Director of Chubb and a member of the Society Island Green Team, said, “Chubb is proud to be the sponsor of the BUEI Speaker Series.

“This event is part of Chubb’s mission to promote a healthy and sustainable planet, build community resilience and protect biodiversity from the effects of climate change.

“We are excited to help raise awareness in our community about ocean sustainability initiatives and encourage everyone to help keep the ocean healthy surrounding our beautiful island.”

Presentations will take place monthly and will cover topics such as beach management, zero waste planning and the influence of environmental factors on legislation.

A BUEI spokesperson said, “We are thrilled to have this opportunity to showcase these discussions to the community and are thrilled to open the series with the Philippines.

“Although geographically remote, Bermuda shares many similarities with the Philippines, such as seasonal hurricanes and being a habitat for a number of sea turtles.”

The presentation will highlight how Bermuda adheres to the United Nations’ three Sustainable Development Goals – to make human settlements environmentally sustainable, to conserve and safely use the oceans and marine resources, and to find ways for countries around the world to work together to be more environmentally friendly.

The talks will be held at BUEI’s Tradewinds Auditorium, with foreign speakers appearing online.

Presentations will be streamed live on BUEI’s YouTube channel and will be available to the public after a discussion period.

The first presentation will take place on February 26 at 2 p.m. The dates of the other presentations will be announced later.

Tickets can be purchased at BUEI on Crow Lane near Hamilton or by email at [email protected]

They can also be purchased by calling the BUEI Gift Shop at 294-0204.

Tickets for non-members start at $20 and members can purchase tickets for $15.

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