MSU Scientists Partner with Kazakh Universities to Expand Environmental Science Curricula and Networking Opportunities | MSUToday

Last month, professors at Michigan State University Jiquan Chen, Peilei fan and Norman Graham traveled to Kazakhstan to participate in a unique program designed to help universities in rural areas of the country develop and deliver basic courses in ecology and environmental science. The trio joined fellow faculty from George Washington University, University of South Dakota, University of Maine and Pace University for an intensive two-week itinerary to provide training, teaching materials and field equipment to more than 50 participants from five different universities.

“Planning for the program began late last year. We were particularly interested in targeting junior professors from the five participating universities. Our goal was to help them understand how we teach basic ecology and environmental science courses in American universities,” said Chen, a geography professor at the Department of Geography, Environmental and Space Sciences and member of the Center for Global Change and Earth Observations. “As well as offering lectures and practical exercises in the classroom and in the field, we also encouraged our students to take leadership in developing a class portfolio, collecting activity photos and launching discussions of potential future collaborations for research and education and possible academic exchanges.”

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