New bachelor’s degree in environmental and sustainability science will prepare 21st century leaders


The new from Ohio University Diploma in Environmental Sciences and Sustainable Development will enable students to discover knowledge in a hands-on learning environment that cuts across disciplines, preparing them to tackle global issues at national and local scales.

“Knowledge of sustainability is essential to prepare our graduates to tackle the issues that affect our daily lives as well as our future, including environmental issues, the effects of human actions, and the public policies and regulations that influence these actions,” said Dr Sarah Wyatt, Professor of Environmental and plant biology and director of Molecular & Cellular Biology at the College of Arts and Sciences.

Environmental Science and Sustainability is an undergraduate Bachelor of Science degree that provides scientific knowledge about the natural world, the living organisms that inhabit it, and the social sciences at the heart of sustainability. The courses will examine:

  • Biological and ecological systems.
  • Global warming and the effects of climate change.
  • Land use and water management.
  • Sustainability from different angles, from local issues in the Appalachians to global issues.

The program is unique in its multidisciplinary approach, drawing on major requirements and elective courses of courses and expertise in 10 departments and programs of the College of Arts and Sciences, Voinovich School of Leadership and Public Service and the College of Business, ”Wyatt noted. “Students complete a core curriculum for a broad foundation in environmental science and sustainability issues, and they complete the major by choosing electives from a variety of disciplines, allowing them to tailor the curriculum. to their individual interests. “

Students pursuing this degree will be prepared for careers in environmental resource management, government and non-government agencies, businesses engaged in social responsibility and a wide range of roles in science, as well as in public policy. In addition to providing basic scientific skills, the program’s multidisciplinary focus provides flexibility in exploring sustainable initiatives in business and entrepreneurship.

“We have designed this new major to be very accessible to students interested in the environment, offering a wide range of elective courses to meet individual interests,” said Wyatt. “It’s also very user-friendly for transfers. “

The degree will also prepare students for graduate studies, particularly in areas related to environmental law or law. Master of Science in Environmental Studies at Ohio University.

“Many faculty members at the College of Arts and Sciences are already emphasizing environmental issues in their research as well as in their courses,” said Dr Florenz Plassmann, Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences. “The new degree channels this expertise into a major that directly addresses our students’ concerns about the environment from a science perspective as well as social responsibility.”

Other majors with an environmental focus currently offered within the college include:

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