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KARACHI: The government of Sindh has set itself an ambitious target for 2021-2022 to meet the growing challenge of environmental issues, setting aside more than one billion rupees for this purpose – the highest budget on record for the region in the history of the province – with an emphasis on sewage treatment plants in major cities and urban forests to cover 2,000 acres in and around towns and villages in the province.

The budget announced by Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah to the Sindh Assembly last month finally took shape to be executed with the start of several new financial goals that seemed like a daunting task for the authorities to complete in one. year. However, his advisor on law, environment, climate change and coastal development, lawyer Murtaza Wahab, seemed confident saying that the budget allocations had been made taking into account all the deliberations and that it was his ministry that had designed ambitious plans given the growing climatic and environmental challenges. .

Commissioning of three wastewater treatment plants in Karachi

“Last year [2020-21] our budget was Rs145 million ”, he declared Dawn while explaining the reasons for such a jump in allocations and the objectives set for the new budget. “This year we have allocated 1.2 billion rupees, which is several times higher than last year. But there is a reason for this major change. We have a lot more work to do [financial] year. We have already finalized our climate change policy and taken into account the challenges of urban infrastructure and the major change in the weather trend. “

He then referred to some projects in which the provincial government would be interested during the current fiscal year and Karachi, being a large urban center of the province, would remain seriously under consideration by the authorities. He said the government will make three wastewater treatment plants in Karachi operational to safely discharge the city’s wastewater into the sea.

“These three factories, one each in Mahmoodabad, Lyari and Clifton, will go a long way in reducing the pollution load of water on our marine environment,” he said of the expected outcome of the factories which have been officially called TP-I, TP-II and TP-3 with a combined capacity of 150 million gallons per day. However, the gradual decline of their functions ultimately rendered them non-functional, leaving more than 15 million Karachiites to dump 100% of their raw sewage into the nearest coastal waters.

The budget document suggests that the environment ranked seventh among the Sindh government’s priority areas in the 2021-22 budget after education, health, agriculture, infrastructure development, local government and irrigation. .

The CM adviser said that in addition to focusing on the environment, the Sindh government had set half of its allocations for coastal development. In its budget speech, the Sindh CM announced the Ten Billion Tree Tsunami (TBTTP / GPP) program with 50% from the federal government and as many shares from the province.

“Likewise, a water treatment plant in Tando Adam is being planned, which will be a major development in the environmental field,” said Mr. Wahab. “Apart from that, we have planned 100 million rupees for urban forestry. Personally, I believe that every concerned citizen should play their part in this regard by planting a sapling to increase the green cover in their homes, streets and neighborhoods. For this, we are soon launching a global campaign.

According to the budget document, the Sindh government this year targeted regeneration and forest development in riparian forests on 25,000 acres in addition to the development of irrigated plantations on 6,500 acres. Likewise, he planned a mangrove forest that would be planted and protected on more than 35,000 acres. A huge target of 35 million plants in containers will also be developed in the network of departmental and youth nurseries for the supply of plants to interested stakeholders at subsidized rates.

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